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As a recruiter, I come across hundreds of CV’s a day, you know what makes them memorable?  Effort. The time taken putting it in the right format, with the right creativity, laying out all the important information that is easy to glean in 8 seconds. I appreciate those CV’s, but those CV’s are like 1 in 200. Most of you, are settling for being mediocre and bland and no better than Patience from Soweto. (Sorry Patience.) Why?! Thinking outside the box starts with your CV. It says ALOT about you, besides the wording. The visual aspect of it has more of an effect than the wording because it speaks volumes. Not putting care into your CV, is a big mistake.  Think of what your CV looks like and compare it to the samples that we create above in this picture. How does your CV compare? I can guarantee you, you use my service and you’ll go straight to the top of the pile, again and again. I guarantee it! We are visual feasting beings! We comprehend in a split second from looking, than trying to find your information hidden on 4 pages in small black and white text.

You have to think of yourself as a product that will be chosen off the shelf by a recruiter.  What packaging are you using to get the recruiters attention?  That packaging, is your CV!  On every job, you are competing with HUNDREDS of people!

Can you see the significance of that one plant, that one CV amongst the many, it’s the same way for me as a recruiter when I see the CV with effort?   I don’t forget it.  I can’t believe that marketing “gurus” with degrees who want to run national brands, have CVs more boring than accountants at the Head of KPMG. And you want us to pick you to sell something when you can’t sell yourself? That goes for all salespeople. That goes for all creatives. You know who ends up on top of the pile as first choices? Those people who GET IT! Those who have pimped their CV’s, who have made an effort, because it looks like they understand that marketing begins from the very first introduction. And isn’t that who you’d want? And it’s not just the salespeople, it’s everyone else too, man, when did you die and lose your lustre? It really doesn’t feel like you want the job, from your spelling mistakes to you having no contact details whatsoever, or even getting all your contact details completely wrong somehow before making the effort to submit it. And you know what, you make our work really easy, because that 1 in 100 who does come along and who makes the effort, who has all the skills, they’re in man, they’re on top! So think twice before you think something is too much effort. But let us face it, pimping your CV is a lot of effort. I’ve spent days trying to pimp my CV and still had it look like nothing special. And I had to get expensive software. So, that’s when I decided to create the PimpMYcv service because it can’t just be me, there has to be a better more time efficient way to do it, with flare. So outsource that function to us. I’ve hired 3 graphic artists to do it. For instance, the graphic artists who I hired, for this CV service, had outstanding CV’s. I hired them on the spot! And for most of the graphic artists, they didn’t even try, no effort.

Now, additionally, what happens is recruiters/employers use online job portals, for example, “careers24”, to source candidates for positions available, through keyword search criteria before they can view or open up any CVS they receive. You need to make sure your CV contains the right keywords for your industry otherwise it will not be picked and you can’t be contacted to be part of the interview process.

If you feel you have matched the job spec advertised 100%, but you’re not receiving any feedback, this normally means that your CV is not picked up and does not consist of the correct keywords used.

A CV also needs to be a certain length, categorized, easy to read, show capabilities, show highlights, most importantly bring focus to what you have to offer an employer. We at pimpMYcv will arrange your information as it should be, as it must, giving you the maximum possibility of sticking out and making it to that job interview.

We have therefore started a pimpMYcv service, I’ve hired 3 of the best graphic artists in Cape Town who have been instructed on layouts, what recruiters look for, I’ll pimp your words, we use keywords and industry jargon, based on your industry, with a unique look to make your CV stand out. I know, manipulating graphics is hard, it takes time and you need expensive software packages which cost more than R9000 and you need know-how which takes WEEKS to learn. Well now you’ve got no excuse. I guarantee you, you’ll get an interview, 10x faster than not having it and interviews lead to jobs. And stats show, you’ll get an interview within the month compared to no interviews for months. There is not one interview I’ve had, that didn’t get me a job.  Your CV is the foot in the door. Your CV is only about getting an invite to an interview, it’s not about regurgitating your life story for 14 pages some of you, when we only spend 10 seconds on your CV and if we like it, we’ll spend a minute on it and put it to the side. Invest in yourself.

But that’s not all!

For those who take the service, we will also submit your CV to the top 5 portals on your behalf:

Career Junction



Jobs RSA

and last but not least.  Job Planet.

Those who want a competitive edge in the job market, can’t miss this service. Reports back are that people are getting interviews within 2 weeks after the service where previously they had none. Contact me at to invest in your future.  Please send us a photo of yourself, please use some of the examples below of photographs on the CV’s.   We also have an additional photographic service for R500, where we send someone out to get “the shot” we’re looking for to take the CV to the next level.   If you want the photographic service, please add an additional R500 and send us an email.

There are three service level options…

Option 1    is R350 for the Rolls Royce pimped up CV service that is unique, stands out and guaranteed to get attention.  There’s no service doing it better with the correct scannable layout tweaked for search engines and wording that grips you.

Rewording the CV, entering keywords for searches, designing a unique CV along with a designed cover letter, sometimes with graphics, making sure your linked in profile matches the CV information so that nothing contradicts the information.   Submitting the CV to 6 Job Portals.

Option 2   is a R850 flat fee for the CV and submitting your CV to the top portals, registering you for alerts and applying to jobs on your behalf.      And is tedious work.

Option 3     This is the full package, R999, for a personalized photographic service, the portrait pics will be used in your CV, which includes option 1 and 2.

Payment Option 1:  Direct Deposits

For EFT transfers, the banking details are as follows:

Standard Bank

Job Planet (Pty) Ltd.

Acc#: 10109414983

BC: 036309

Current account

Use phone number as reference and send proof of deposit to along with your CV and preferably a shot taken by a photographer.  The shot must be artsy and in business attire, those will improve your chances.

Payment option 2:  PayPal

Payment option 3:  Grand Daddys Rooftop Bar

Event:  Every First Thursday every month at Grand Daddys Rooftop Bar, 38 Long Street.   From 6pm to 8 pm.   Bring your CV, we’ll have a photographer, chat to a recruiter, have a drink, have fun, network and then go off and play.  Bring R350 for the CV and photography service.  Come dressed for the event, because it’s for your CV.   Our photographer will snap some really cool pics of you to make you seem real sociable and nice for the CV, especially if you’re in sales or marketing.  Grand Daddy’s provides lots of opportunity for great shots.


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