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At Job Planet, we come across all kinds of people with skills.   We harness those skills to give to the wider community.   Caregiving is one of those areas where we see a gap and a need for better care and higher pay to caregivers who have often been underpaid by agencies.

At Job Planet, we interview and scan caregiving candidates, make sure there are no criminal records or accusations of theft in their past, we check references and we give the caregives a thorough interview screening while making sure that they have relevant education in the field.   We will also facilitate new training where needed with nurses qualified to give such training.

We supply caregivers in the Cape Town region such as Fish Hoek, Hout Bay, Sea Point and other neighbouring areas.

Home caregivers cater to the personal needs to seniors in their homes, including help with bathing and dressing, light housework, some cooking, transportation needs to doctors, stores, church and more. The need is simple but absolute.   One does not need Doctors or qualified nurses which increases costs, but someone to assist with daily life, to do the basic, but absolutely necessary.

As we grow older, we need help with daily tasks and the choice is often to get help from our adult children, get outside caregiver help, or move into expensive senior living homes.

The qualifications at this time are relatively simple. You have to be able to take care of someone else like you do yourself, you have to have time, and you have to be organized and on time.  Our philosophy is simple, take care of the caregiver and they in return will take care of you, without resentment or bitterness as is so often the case when being underpaid for the services they provide, which can lead to negative consequences.

We provide home based care providers which is a great alternative to more expensive institutionalized care for the elderly and frail.  This includes clients with cerebral palsy, Cancer, stroke victims, clients with Multiple Sclerosis or clients recovering from surgery or illness, to name but a few.

We acknowledge that there are times in life when everyone needs help. Our care workers are companions to their clients, in order to ensure that they are not alone. Home based care entails taking care of clients in the comfort of their own home. Research has shown that people who can remain at home, in familiar surroundings and with their families, have far less medical or emotional problems than those who live in an institution.

The Home based care worker integrates into the client’s environment and in this way, the client is allowed to remain active and involved in activities in their own homes. Home based care workers also provide respite for a spouse or primary care worker who may have been looking after a sick or frail partner. In many situations, help is only required for specific activities e.g. a shower or bath and therefore tailor-made packages are available according to the client’s individual needs. This ranges from ad on services to 24-hour live in care options. and ears for the client. Relationships develop between the care worker, client and family, which can provide security and comfort for all parties.

Caregiver’s handbook.

Care workers are supplied by Job Planet, and as such are not ‘employed’ by the client. The service is an outsourced service, with Job Planet being responsible for the employment relationship of the carer.  You pay us on a monthly basis for a service, other than that, there are no complications about labour.    We train them, we upskill.

 them.   If you have special requests or needs, we can make it happen.  Please contact us to discuss your living assistance caring needs.   Monthly rates will be discussed on the consult after assessing the needs of the client.  Please contact Peter Berner for a visit.  081-554-9231

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