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About us

As our client, your strategic goals, become our strategic goals.   Your success, becomes our success.   We understand that our success is strategically intertwined and we take that very seriously when finding the right people for you.   We do temporary and permanent contracts and our service has a 3 month guarantee.

About our Corporate Tech Department

We started off being a specialist Corporate IT recruitment and job search agency.  We strive to remain abreast of our clients’ recruitment needs and to deliver on these to the best of our ability. The relevance of our business and value of our offering is directly related to our being in touch with the skills needed in the IT industry.

With a vast network of highly skilled talent and some of the most exciting companies in South Africa in our ambit, JobPlanet is the preferred recruitment partner for digital and online jobs in South Africa. We have helped startups put together explosive teams of talent to get them started as well as helped industry leaders fortify their digital expertise with proficient resources.

At JobPlanet we pride ourselves on getting to know the businesses we serve and understanding their vision. We also recognise how important each company’s internal culture is when it comes to finding the right people who will thrive in those environments and help them grow.

With over 15 years recruitment experience in our team, we understand and thrive on excellent service. Our specialisation in the online and digital world has afforded us the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the industry, its key role players and drivers of success. Our goal is to forge long-term relationships with talented digital experts as well as the companies that hire them. We have earned a sterling reputation as a result of our professional and discreet approach in both our headhunting and recruitment capabilities.

Operating in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, JobPlanet fills positions in digital companies as well as traditional companies that are expanding into the digital world.

Job Planet IT Department strives to be recognized as the best Tech recruitment company in South Africa. We understand the importance of IT in the modern business environment and how it can contribute to the overall success of the business. That’s why we make every effort to provide the best candidate to meet your companies strategic goals.   Because when you grow, we’ll grow as a consequence too.  Peter Berner who runs the Tech Recruiting Division has been a web developer and website administrator and still is.   He has had many years experience in Tech, having had his own computer peripherals sales company, to having 10 of his own websites for various businesses and  designed them himself, being familiar with PHP, HTML, CMS such as JOOMLA!, WordPress and Drupal, to being able to network computers, troubleshoot, networking, while keeping abreast of new technology and trends looking for opportunity.   Peter has good business acumen from being a stockbroker, understanding economics, being a trader and understanding various business models and how they work and what function and purpose technology can serve on a variety of levels.   He has been a motivator and a think tank to CEO’s on a personal level and earns their trust.  He understands business strategy, connects people and understands how the various positions in a company contributes to the company’s bottom line and what is needed in that role from an individual.     He understands that businesses are only as successful as their sales teams and is really the biggest stumbling block in businesses failing.  Peter is adept at hiring the correct personality type for a sales person having been one himself and in various industries.   Having done computer science in College, Peter is well equipped to deal with whatever needs you may have.  He understands that the world of computers is huge, from the outdated to the new, it’s a business of constant growth and so he makes sure that he stays up to date on the latest technology trends in order to give insight and advice where the need may arise.  And for the more challenging aspects, Peter calls on his computer boffin and life long friend… and when he’s not around, Google, an incredible resource.  We are constantly looking for talent, but as you know, such talent is difficult to come by and we can only improve further with your continued support, thank you!

Why work with us?

  • We are currently a level 2 B-BEEE status company, soon to be upgraded to Level 4 status.
  • We specialize in the Tech industry and have an extensive and well-screened database of candidates for tech jobs.
  • We have IT recruitment consultants in all the major centres, providing us with a national footprint for IT job searches.
  • We offer IT professionals a job search platform that draws from all the leading online IT job vacancy portals.

The Corporate IT Department team operates at all times with integrity, discretion and care for both clients and candidates. We are strongly committed to:

  • Providing excellent service to both our candidates and clients.
  • Employing the best consultants and staff.
  • Communicating clearly and effectively with our clients.
  • Securing the best opportunities for both clients and candidates.
  • Being attentive to the needs of our contract and field staff.

Our devotion to Charity.

We donate 10% of our Net Profit to a South African Charity “Reach for a dream” as part of our sense of giving back to the community.  We help the aged find reliable caregivers that they can trust and rely within their budget and grow the skills of the caregivers and nurses.  As we grow, we will contribute and give back more where we can.  We feel that what we do in and of itself is upliftment, but, it’s not enough, the world is in need and we must assist where we can.  “Become the world that you want to see.”

Now, some people ask, “Really, what is it that you do?”, so let me be candid and give you a peak inside…

The recruiter is the grand master of the parade, making sure everyone stays in their lane and remains calm while looking good doing it. Yeah, I said it—a recruiter must show no fear, exude confidence, be kind but assertive, solve problems, forecast issues, read people’s minds, and—the best of all—remain cool and collected amid a cluster of people problems.
Recruiters are extremely passionate people with type-A personalities. We are enthusiastic about the companies we work for, and we are obsessive about finding the best candidates for the companies we work for.
Here is another thing that may surprise you; are you ready? We want to hire you! We really do.
Seriously, everyone I interview, I genuinely want to see them succeed. Too often, though, either the candidate does something to mess up the opportunity or I realize I don’t have the right opportunity to make them successful. I try to fit a round peg in a round hole, which is what creates the best future for my candidate and for my company. It’s when recruiters try to fit a square peg in a round hole that issues arise both for the company and for the candidates.

I hope now you understand a little better what recruiters accomplish throughout their day and who we are in the scheme of this whole “how to get a job” thing. It’s the important first step in your success for both the company and the candidate. And doing that, everyday, makes me happy. Being of value. I love my job!  If you have any ideas or thoughts on functionality that you’d like to see, or integrating with other systems, or bringing on board specific things, let us know, this platform is for you, we are happy to accommodate.  Please feel free to share them with us at

The skill sets we’re currently really efficient at finding are the following, but not limited to them:

Tech Skills


Executive Secretary / personal assistants

Sales Managers

Sales Staff in the financial industry such as stock brokers

Today, recruiters must be a sales person, marketer, career coach, a negotiator, motivational and a psychologist all in one, along with a head for business.  Hopefully Jobplanet makes their task easier.

Peter Berner (CEO and Director of Job Planet (Pty) Ltd.)
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